Using ASE with your.flowingdata

As of ASE r16, python-twitter is included with Python. There is a bug that prevents it from working (the fix will be available in r17). But, there's a work around:
  1. Open ASE shell (Menu > Interpreters > Shell)
  2. Type mkdir /sdcard/ase/python/tmp
I'm using the python-twitter module to make it easy to keep track of events on your.flowingdata (yfd). I have the following script:
import android
import twitter
droid = android.Android()
t = twitter.Api(username='foo', password='bar')

def yfd(data=None):
  if data is None:
    data = droid.getInput('d yfd')['result']
  if data:
    t.PostDirectMessage('yfd', data)

if __name__ == '__main__':
Then, I have a few shortcut scripts I use for common data entries. For example, goodmorning:
import yfd
and goodnight:
import yfd
On my Nexus One, I created a folder on my home screen called "yfd" that contains shortcuts to all three scripts. Just before bed, I tap "" and I tapp "" when I wake up. If I have a data point to enter that isn't pre-defined, I tap "" and enter my data.

Works like a champ.

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  1. A nice simple method, thanks for sharing! I've always need afraid of accidentally forgetting to put the d in the post.

    Do you still use yfd.?