ASE r18 Released

Note: The r18 release had a interpreter installation bug that has been addressed in r18-1.

So, what's new?

  • Help menus now provide links to both the wiki documentation and to the new screencast tutorials.
  • Downloading interpreters now shows a progress bar and can be aborted.
  • Installation is more robust. However, there is still a known issue with installation on Cyanogen.
  • Shortcuts now support launching scripts in a terminal or in the background.
Bug fixes:
  • Python sample scripts changed to use namedtuples.
Under the covers:
  • Launching scripts from other activities is now made easier via the AseServiceLauncher.
In the works:
  • A trigger manager for launching scripts at certain times or when certain events occur.
Visit the ASE project page to download the latest APK.

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