Is your Roomba running slow?

If your Roomba is getting slow in its old age, try cleaning the forward IR sensors.
  1. Remove the front bumper by backing out 10 or so small screws along the underside of the bumper. It should pop off easily. Be careful not to damage the wire harness. Disconnecting the harness is not necessary.
  2. Using canned air, blow out the dust from the entire inside of the bumper. Pay special attention to the IR sensors (they're the small LEDs).
  3. Reassemble and test.
Air dusting was sufficient for me. However, cleaning the surfaces with a little isopropyl alcohol probably wouldn't hurt.

This appears to be a common problem with a simple solution. HTH

Cloud Robotics at Devoxx 2012

I gave another talk about cloud robotics at Devoxx 2012 in Antwerp last month. This talk is Java developer focused and goes into more detail about ROS than the one at Berkeley. It also has more cool robot videos and a fun maze-solving-robot demo :)

I really liked the venue. Giving a presentation in front of a huge movie screen like that was pretty great.

The slides are available as a PDF.

Cloud Robotics at Berkeley Par Lab

I gave a talk about cloud robotics this week at the Berkeley Par Lab. I met a lot of people doing interesting research and I had the opportunity to play with a Raven surgical robot!

Thanks for inviting me, I really enjoyed it!

A world filled with personal robots is inevitable but a lack of strong software infrastructure to support those robots is slowing progress. By offloading CPU and data intensive computation to the cloud, we can make robots lighter, cheaper, and smarter. The same developers that work on commodity web and mobile apps today can accelerate the pace of robotics research and development if we make high functioning robots affordable and universally accessible.