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SL4A r2 Released

So, what's new? Features: Context menus have been replaced with quick action menus. Events generated by an API call are now documented in the API reference and the API browser. Folder support added to the script list. However, copying and moving scripts is not yet supported. Renaming support added to the script list. Scripts distributed as APKs can now be started for result. Scripts launched from SL4A can not yet be started for result. Bug fixes: The camera and video recording APIs will hopefully work on more devices now. Fixed Bluetooth API documentation. Fixed duplicate events piling up in the event queue. Under the covers: To deal with the new folder support, full script paths are passed around as File objects instead of just the script name as a String . In the works: Bug fixing and expanding the interpreter API to support running scripts in process. Visit the SL4A project page to download the latest APK.
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