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SketchUp 7 Keyboard Shortcuts under Wine

Installing and running SketchUp 7 under Wine works quite well with Ubuntu Lucid. But, not out of the box: You'll probably need to do the registry hack (and/or others) described on WineHQ's wiki to get it to start. Scrolling through the list of templates doesn't work but you can browse and select one in the standard file browser dialog. What almost made me walk away from it was that the keyboard shortcuts (e.g. O for orbit and C for circle) weren't working. In order to fix that, I had to go to Window > Preferences > Shortcuts and click Reset All.
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MJPEG Streaming Protocol

MJPEG is a popular format for webcam streams. It's probably popular because it's so simple to do and the performance is surprisingly good. Unfortunately, I found it quite difficult to scrape together enough information to implement a streamer myself. In an effort to help the next poor, frustrated soul, here's a simple method for streaming an MJPEG to a socket in Java. public void handleConnection(Socket socket, JpegProvider jpegProvider) throws Exception { byte[] data = jpegProvider.getJpeg(); OutputStream outputStream = socket.getOutputStream(); outputStream.write(( "HTTP/1.0 200 OK\r\n" + "Server: YourServerName\r\n" + "Connection: close\r\n" + "Max-Age: 0\r\n" + "Expires: 0\r\n" + "Cache-Control: no-cache, private\r\n" + "Pragma: no-cache\r\n" + "Content-Type: multipart/x-mixed-replace; " + "boundary=--BoundaryString\r\n\r\n&
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SL4A r3 Released

So, what's new? Features: Added Bluetooth binary read and write using base64. Bug fixes: Launching scripts from shortcuts and Locale works again. In the works: Started work on support for in-process interpreters. Visit the SL4A project page to download the latest APK.
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Secure Synergy Configuration for HTPC Control

I've been experimenting with different configurations for controlling my HTPC. Since I typically have my laptop on the couch with me, one setup I'm trying is Synergy. By itself, Synergy is completely insecure. However, it's easy enough to secure through the use of SSH tunnels. There are lots of tutorials for setting up Synergy through a tunnel, but I didn't find any that suit the HTPC use case I have. To use it with an HTPC, the Synergy server needs to be running on the laptop since that's where the keyboard and mouse is that you'd like to share across various computers. Typically tutorials will have you create tunnels from the Synergy client computers to the Synergy server computer where sshd is also running. Since my Synergy server is a laptop, I don't want to run sshd on it. Instead, I have sshd running on my HTPC. To make that work, you need a reverse SSH tunnel: ssh -f -R 24800:localhost:24800 htpc Instead of forwarding connections from my laptop
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