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MacFusion, the GUI for MacFUSE

When I'm working over a laggy network, like with my EVDO card, SSH is rarely as responsive as I'd like. MacFUSE lets me create an SSH file system and then open up Vim locally. That way I only have lag when opening and saving files. MacFusion gives it a pretty face.
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Where's my open source implicit SSL FTP clients?

I've been looking for a good, open source, linux, implicit SSL capable, FTP client. There don't seem to be very many. The best (and only) one I've found is FireFTP . Unfortunately, since FireFTP is a Firefox extension, I can't use it remotely over SSH :( Update I've since written some Python scripts using PycURL to do my dirty work. While PycURL is useful for searching through directories and such, I did find that actually executing cURL as a sub process to handle downloads is easier than doing so through the API.
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I just got done setting up mod_musicindex for Apache. Having tried Jinzora, GNUMP3d, and other PHP based solutions for streaming my music, it's refreshing having a nice C backed implementation. It's fast and so far works really well. It's also a lot easier to set up than DAAP.
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GNUMP3d ripping off Jinzorra?

Looks that way to me. At least, I don't see any mention of Jinzora on GNUMP3d 's site. Header: HTTP/1.0 200 OK Connection: close Server: GNUMP3d Content-type: text/html Set-Cookie: jinzora-session=12017b9334a0b224d34e6dada070cf9a;path=/; expires=Mon, 10-Mar-08 14:36:42 GMT; Set-Cookie: jzUserID=USR4632777ea36b4;path=/; expires=Mon, 10-Mar-08 14:36:42 GMT; Set-Cookie: sort_order=$ALBUM;path=/; expires=Mon, 10-Mar-08 14:36:42 GMT; Set-Cookie: theme=Tabular;path=/; expires=Mon, 10-Mar-08 14:36:42 GMT;
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Stupid FileVault

When Firefox 2.0 came out, I upgraded my MacBook immediately . Almost as immediately , Firefox proceeded to crash and I downgraded. Today, I tried to upgrade again. Every time I downloaded the Firefox dmg , it was corrupt and refused to mount. Using the disk utility, I turned on journalling (see previous post), repaired permissions (I still think this is an odd operation), and I verified the disk. Still, I kept downloading a corrupt Firefox image. So, finally I decided to blame FileVault . I disabled it (that took about half-an-hour), downloaded Firefox 2.0, and successfully installed it. Now I'm waiting for FileVault to turn on again. Moral of the story: If you're experiencing problems with corrupted data, turn off FileFault FileVault .
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Mac OS X Filesystem Journaling

I just discovered today that journalling was not enabled on my Macbook Pro. I can't fathom why it isn't enabled by default. Take a look at Applications, Utilities, Disk Utility and click 'Enable Journalling.'
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Editing Python with Vim

This is my vimrc. It's tailored for editing Python and uses a two space indent. syntax on set expandtab set tabstop=2 set softtabstop=2 set shiftwidth=2 set smarttab set autoindent set smartindent cinwords=if,elif,else,for,while,try,except,finally,def,class set backspace=2 set wm=2
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What's an ISO and how do I use it?

An ISO is a file that represents a CD. It contains all the data needed to recreate the CD it was copied from. You can burn this image to a CD or "mount" it and access it from "virtual" CD ROM. To mount the image, use DAEMON Tools. You can download DAEMON Tools here . Install DAEMON Tools. DAEMON Tools will add a new virtual CD ROM drive. Right-click the DAEMON Tools icon in the system tray. Select Virtual CD Rom, then Device, then Mount. Select the ISO image you downloaded. DAEMON Tools will load your ISO into the new virtual CD ROM it created. Now, you can access the virtual CD ROM just like you would with a normal CD.
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