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Pletscher ESGE on my Surly Long Haul Trucker

In addition to my G1 bike mount , I also recently purchased a Pletscher ESGE bipod kickstand. While this kickstand is usually raved about, there can be some difficulty installing it on a Surly Long Haul Trucker (LHT). Possibly the most elegant solutions are this custom bracket and this newer mount from Pletscher. However, I've had success with the standard bracket. First, I wrapped the frame in two layers of innertube (which my local bike shop was gracious enough to give me for free from their collection of used ones) to protect the frame and finish. Then, I used a little blue Loctite on the bolt and slowly tightened it until I was able to torque the stand without the bracket twisting.
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Android G1 Bicycle Mount

I recently purchased this bike mount for my Android G1. Out of the box, it didn't fit and, while holding on to my G1 fairly well, didn't withstand all my attempts to shake the phone from the cradle. So, it required a few modifications: The bracket is not big enough to fit the stem. I had to extend it with some paracord and a couple zip ties: The zip tie above keeps the paracord from slipping off the bracket (which is where the metal bar would normally lock into place). I used figure eight knots to tie the paracord to the bar. After attaching the bracket, I reinforced the spring loaded phone clip with the metal clip from a pen. There's no gluing involved, I just slid the clip in under the pivot and used another small zip tie to hold it in place: The final addition is a strip of velcro (it's green) that slides in between the display and the keyboard and attaches to itself behind the phone clip. After my modifications, this system is quite rugged. I was not able to shake,
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ASE 0.11 Alpha Released

This release of ASE adds support for Perl and JRuby in addition to the usual round of bug fixes. Added process management API via getRunningPackages() and forceClosePackage() . Added support for installing part or all of interpreters to the SD card. BeanShell, JRuby, and part of Perl are installed to the SD card now. Added BeanShell example script. Added SQLite and GData to Python support. Fixed Lua include path to allow importing user scripts. Fixed Shell support to execute scripts. Fixed sensor monitoring. Fixed barcode scanning. Vist the ASE project page to download the latest APK. Notes JRuby is very slow, especially on the initial run. It can take up to a minute for JRuby to start up for the first run and about ten seconds every time after that. Python is a bit larger now with SQLite and GData support. I should be able to cut the size in half soon by installing many of the modules to the SD card. Building Perl is still a little buggy and has many manual, undocumented steps. I
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