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Beer condition met.

I can ssh into the OLPC and drive the Roomba around with a simple command line interface built on PyRobot. I also have a bash script running on the OLPC that grabs a snapshot from the webcam every 5 seconds and uploads it to my web server. The entire thing is held together with duct tape. Now I just need one laptop per Roomba. From Fido
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Presenting PyRobot

I've been working on a re-write of iRobot's that is, hopefully, cleaner and more compatible with older Roombas in addition to the Create. I call it PyRobot . And now, it has a home. Currently, PyRobot is not nearly as feature complete as But I expect that will change as I start playing more with my robot army maids.
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Need to generate emails for something shady?

import urllib import urllib2 import hashlib import random import re TRASHMAIL_URL = '' FIND_NEW_EMAIL = \ re.compile(r'Your new email redirection address is: (.*?) ') def GetTrashMailAddress(redirect_to): values = dict( form_source=hashlib.md5(str(random.random())).hexdigest()[:8], form_dest=redirect_to, form_nb_redirections='30', form_expire_days='30', form_whitelisting='0', delete_msg_chk='1', lang='en', create_submit='Create disposable email address') data = urllib.urlencode(values) req = urllib2.Request(TRASHMAIL_URL, data) response = urllib2.urlopen(req) return
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