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Symbian Signing rotateMe

rotateMe is a cool app that rotates the screen when the orientation of the phone changes. The problem, as it is with some many other cool freeware apps, is that it's unsigned. I found some great directions on setting up Mobile Signer which allows you to sign apps directly on the phone. Rather than using the included cert files though, I created my own at the Symbian Signed website . It's pretty easy with the directions listed under the "problems" section of the tutorial.
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My New Nokia N95. Wow.

I just got my N95 and I've been playing with it for a little while. It's awesome. Here's some things I've been busy with: The firmware it ships with is about 5 major revisions behind. Upgrade it ASAP. I've found some great instructions on getting the N95 to work as a Bluetooth modem on OS X. He doesn't mention though that the APN listed on the connection settings page should be used for the GPRS CID string. (See update below.) I also recommend configuring the computer as an authorized device on the N95 so that you don't have to confirm the connection every time. PyS60 . Installed no sweat. Oh, the possibilities. Google maps with GPS is great. The N95 comes with Nokia maps, but so far I prefer the Google app. The Google mail app is great (except I can't seem to log out... wtf?) ShoZu is very cool. It lets me geotag my photos and upload them to PicasaWeb and YouTube (plus a multitude of other services I don't care about). I'll have a map with a
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Fido Erectus

I found my old Erector set over the holidays and brought it back with me. This evening, I used it to rebuild Fido. Fido is now significantly sturdier, more configurable, and has plenty of room for all the fancy sensors I just bought :) The pictures below also showcase my fancy new XO from G1G1. It's a lot snappier than my old B1.
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