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Box Construction Update

So I was an idiot the other day and didn't have my CF card in my camera. So, the photos of the contruction of these pieces is lost forever. But, here are some highlights of the current progress. I've actually made a bit more progress today, but no pictures yet. I should have pictures of the nearly completed box tomorrow or the next day. It depends on whether I assemble it completely before doing the epoxy coating.
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Boxing Day

Today I'll be spending most of my time building the subwoofer box. The plan is to have it essentially completed so that it can be epoxy coated and allowed to cure over night. Hopefully, I'll also have time to roll on a coat of Spectrum as well. Either way, there should be some interesting progress made today.
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Spectrum and Subwoofer Box Progress

I've made it through one gallon of Spectrum and covered almost everything with 2-3 coats. I only have one coat on the outer skin behind the speakers. I've been brushing it on and I plan to roll on the last gallon to give it a nice smooth texture. Here's a few pictures. As usual, more are available in my Picassa Web Album. I've also made some more progress on the subwoofer box. The frame that fits in the back seat wells is almost complete. I hope to have most of the box assembled tomorrow and ready for epoxy painting.
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Damplifier Done

I've successfully installed 116 square feet of Damplifier Pro. Whoo hoo! Now I'm waiting on UPS to show up with my Spectrum (liquid deadener) and spray adhesive the Overkill (closed-cell foam sound absorber). In the mean time, it's back to working on the subwoofer box. I should be able to make good progress on that today as well.
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More Damplifier

I'm almost through with 80 square feet of Damplifier Pro. I have another 36 that just arrived the other day that should be enough to finish up the back. I don't think it's going to be enough to do the front doors, so I'm going to probably have to wait to do the front until another time. That's not too big of a deal, but disappointing anyway. But, it is also the most convenient part to put off until a later time since the doors are discreet components. I have also started on the subwoofer box. I've built in brackets that tie into the original seatbelt mounting points that the rest of the box will tie down to. I've also simplified my design slightly from what I posted ealier. The stepping of the speakers to line up the cones isn't really necessary in a bandpass box or for subs in general I would imagine. Aligning the cones is simply used to change the directionality of the concentrated output. Since low frequencies are non-directional, and everything is co
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