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FriendFeed sounds cooler than it is?

General disclaimer: I haven't looked into this intensively and I hope that someone will leave a comment explaining how to fix my frustrations with this service. I first heard about FriendFeed from one of Brett's blog post s. I thought, "that sounds cool!" Later, Will invited me, and again I thought "cool!" Today I got an email saying that Will and Bill had commented on my feed. Cool! How did they do that? Five minutes later, after I found my "Friend Feed" and added it to Google Reader, I had my answer. I was also immediately annoyed. My "Friends Feed," which is the one I assume is supposed to make my life easier by aggregating everything my friends do into one feed, includes things I did as well instead of just things my friends did. I don't need to be reminded of everything I do on the web. I was there after all. FriendFeed really needs to let me filter out stuff I don't care about. I really don't like micro-blogs. They'
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PyS60 GPS on the Nokia N95

The PyS60 shell allows you to connect via Bluetooth to a Python console on your phone. But, on the Mac at least, it's really awful. There's no readline support and if you mistype, you're pretty much guaranteed to get a weird syntax error due to some invisible characters I assume. When I tried the location module example in the PyS60 documentation, I got a "Permission Denied" error. It turns out, you need to get a dev cert and sign the unsigned version of the PyS60 Python Script Shell.
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Good PyS60 Examples

The Mobile Python Book has a great collection of examples available online. They're lacking documentation, I guess in order to leave some incentive to buy the book, but I find them quite understandable anyway.
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