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Review of Fallout: New Vegas

Damon says : Fallout: New Vegas is definitely the most fun I've had wasting away in front of the Xbox for days at a time. I'm new to the series, but I'll be picking up the next installment and possibly some of the previous ones. Usually I play games in fairly short bursts. When I do play for several hours at a time, the game is usually finished in a few days. New Vegas was different in both respects. I found myself playing all day for weeks . What's even more surprising is how difficult it is to say exactly what was so fun about the game. Some specific things I enjoyed were: the complexity of leveling (lots of options), weapon modding and equipment managing (again, lots of options), creeping around and sniping ( BOOM HEADSHOT! ), perks associated with leveling, and story depth. I spent a lot of time optimizing and upgrading my gear while exploring the vast dystopian wasteland, helping random strangers, and shooting people or radioactive creatures that looke
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