Cougar Project 2006

Project Overview
  • Second Skin, Damplifier Pro
  • Alpine CD headunit
  • 4 x Kenwood 50W 6" x 8" component speakers (dome tweeters) with foam baffles
  • Alpine 4-channel x 40W amplifier
  • 2 x 10" Pioneer 350W subwoofers
  • Rockford Fosgate 2-channel x 90W amplifier
  • Custom subwoofer box
The goal of this project is to improve my car stereo while allowing for future upgrades and increasing the cargo room in my car. To do this, I've removed the back seat and the large bandpass subwoofer box I had previously installed. In their place, I'll be building a custom bandpass box into the back seat well that will, hopefully, be almost flush with the trunk (within a few inches anyway).

Future Upgrades
I want to eventually complete some upgrades to the new system, so I'm building it with these goals in mind:
  • Battery relocation
  • 2 x Alpine 220W mono-amplifiers to power the subwoofers
  • Touch-screen GPS headunit
I have so far gutted the rear interior of the car. Next I'll be preparing the surfaces for installing the Damplifier Pro. I've also been doing research on the speaker box construction. I'm going with a three-chamber bandpass with slot port. I have most of the numbers worked out approximately, but I still need to do some volume measurements. I'll post some pictures of the gutting later and also try to post my spreadsheet for box calculations.

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