Damplifier Pro, Round 1

I've gone through two sheets of Damplifier Pro so far, and this is what I've learned:
  • 2" strips work great for hard spots. Don't bother with more complicated shapes.
  • The roller takes a beating. I'm really glad I paid extra for the heavy-duty rubber one.
  • The sticky stuff is messy. Wear old clothes. (Doh!)
Two sheets has gotten me through a single layer on one back seat well and 75% of one of wheel well. I have 38 more sheets to go. The plan is to first cover the rear half of the car. That is, everything from the edge of the back seat to the trunk but not including the roof. I'll be putting at least two layers in the place where my subwoofer box will go, on the wheel wells, and on the inner-skin where my rear speakers are. I'm trying to come up with something to fill the huge void between the inner- and outer-skin in the back. I'm considering corrugated mattress padding. It's worked in the past...

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