Gear Arrived!

Everything arrived today and I'm getting ready to start installing. The first step is going to be cleaning and preping the surface for the Damplifier Pro installation. I've been doing some research on this and on what the problem areas are. Here's the site that made me decide to go with Second Skin's Damplifier Pro:

It has some great information and experimentation plus photos to back it up.

I picked up a heavy-duty rubber roller from Crutchfield when I ordered my stuff from them. That should come in handy while applying the Damplifier Pro. Even though their product doesn't hold up as well as Second Skin's, Elemental Designs has some nice information on where to apply deadening material.

I'm in contact with Anthony, the owner of Second Skin, and I'm waiting for his recommendations on surface preping and application areas. It's very warm outside and very hot inside my car. The weather should be ideal for the Damplifier Pro install. I'll likely get started tomorrow.

I should also be posting the first pictures of my project soon.

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  1. Sounds like you're really ready! I recently ordered my own sound deadener materials. Let me know how you're installation goes. Hopefully it's smooth! If you come across anything that ends up being particularly helpful, maybe you could share it with me before I install mine.