More Damplifier

I'm almost through with 80 square feet of Damplifier Pro. I have another 36 that just arrived the other day that should be enough to finish up the back. I don't think it's going to be enough to do the front doors, so I'm going to probably have to wait to do the front until another time. That's not too big of a deal, but disappointing anyway. But, it is also the most convenient part to put off until a later time since the doors are discreet components.

I have also started on the subwoofer box. I've built in brackets that tie into the original seatbelt mounting points that the rest of the box will tie down to. I've also simplified my design slightly from what I posted ealier. The stepping of the speakers to line up the cones isn't really necessary in a bandpass box or for subs in general I would imagine. Aligning the cones is simply used to change the directionality of the concentrated output. Since low frequencies are non-directional, and everything is coming out of my ports anyway, I've removed the step from the design. I've also moved the ports outside the box in order to hopefully decrease the volume a little more than would otherwise be possible. Because the separation between the two speakers is partly determined by the back seat wells, I'm not able to move them close enough together such that I can get vented volume small enough. Essentially, I will be building the box as small as possible. Since the box will be a bit too big, I will gain some efficiency though.

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