Status Update

No posts in a few days, just applying more and more Damplifier. I've bought another 40 square feet which should be enough to properly finish the rear half of the car and do the front doors. In addition, upon numerous recommendations I found online, I purchased 2 gallons of Spectrum, Second Skin's liquid deadener. Apparently the secret technique to getting the best results is:
  • Average 2 layers of Damplifier Pro on the the whole car.
  • Paint on a layer of liquid deadener (either Spectrum, or Spectrum Firewall).
  • Add a layer of Overkill (a closed cell, neoprene foam).
In that order. So, in addition, I got 60 square feet of the Overkill to finish of the rear half of the car. The liquid deadener is almost a must over top of the Damplifier matting. The sticky butyl stuff on the back has a tendency to squish out between the seams and make a real sticky mess of anything that comes in contact with it. The liquid Spectrum should provide a nice, clean surface for everything to be laid down on later, including the Overkill. In some places, I may not even need to glue the Overkill down. Since Overkill is designed to block higher frequencies, it really just needs to be present, not necessarily in complete contact with surfaces.

I have pictures of the progress over the past few days and those will be posted in the album later.

I've also started work on the subwoofer box. It's being constructed of 3/4" MDF. All the MDF is being coated with epoxy to waterproof it and improve rigidity. I'll be using fiber glass on the seams to help rigidity as well. The goal is to make the box as close to optimal as possible and also make it possible to remove (in a few pieces) should some sort of maintenance be necessary. So it will be a semi-permanent installation. I'm going to make the vented, top section of the box more easily removable. Mostly because I'd like to be able to easily direct the ports toward the front or back of the car in order to allow some experimentation.

The plan is to have the box ready for epoxy coating by Saturday evening. Photos will follow :)

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