Project Nessie

I've been having trouble keeping a running inner-dialog posted in some sort of readable manner on the Nessie Notes page. So, I decided it's time to have a blog about Nessie. This will take the place of the activity log and I'll make some mention of that on the notes page. The intent is to keep the notes page updated and serving as a sort of informal design document.

Today I read some documentation on newpb. Unfortunately, from the looks of things, newpb's support for third-party references is not going to be suitable for Nessie. At least not with some added work. Third-party references require the ability to connect directly to that third-party. That's not very P2P-like. So, although I was initially considering making the move the newpb a little early, I think I'm going to stick with oldpb instead and wait for newpb to stabilize.

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