A different sort of web framework.

I present to you getshitdone, or GSD for the prudish. GSD is a web framework for those of us that just don't have time for those other frameworks.

GSD Goals:
  • An implementation in about 50 lines of code.
  • Minimal work, maximum flexibility.
  • No dependencies outside the Python standard library.
GSD Non-Goals:
  • Performance.
  • Standards compliance.
  • Working with Apache, Lighttpd, whatever.
Here's a simple GSD Hello World app.
import gsd

class HelloWorld(gsd.App):
def GET_(self):
self.wfile.write('Hello World!')

app = HelloWorld()
app.Serve('localhost', 8080)

GSD also has its own templating language. It's called Python.

# Template helloworld.html
self.wfile.write('Hello World!')

# GSD App
class HelloWorld(gsd.App):
def GET_(self):
self.Render('helloworld.html', locals())

More documentation and examples to come on the project page.

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