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Obviously I need to include a USB missile launcher just to appease the masses.


  1. Add the launcher! I wanna fire it at the kitty... Er I mean play with it :)

  2. Oh so famous! And to think that I knew you when...

  3. Hmmm... looks cool! Unfortunately its hard to get an iRobot Create outside of the US, not to mention the OLPC. I wonder if you have considered exploring this using the Asus EEE PC? I can get myself one of those easily enough... now for the iRobot Create.

  4. This sounds like a great project! What I am looking for is basically a robot that will replace me in the office while I telecommute ( I recently read an article about a guy in canada that built himself a bot to do this).

    iCreate does a great job as the base (especially the self imposed go home to charge part) and the olpc should give enough battery life to get through a work day...


    1) How long will the battery last on the iCreate? on the OLPC? Does the olpc take power from the roomba when not docked, or will it only use it as backup power?

    2) Can this be done to realistically have a "presence" at the office (assuming you make the thing taller). In other words - you would have an interface to control movement, and a webcam voip that lets people see you on the screen as if they are talking to you face to face.

    Since this thing can be sent a dock command there never is any worry that the office will be closed for the night before your robot is plugged in to charge...


  5. I've been concentrating pretty much solely on the OLPC and the iRobot Create. Although, I expect 90% of the code will work on any Linux box and PyRobot supports the Roomba as well.

    The laptop disconnects its power from the Create when they're not docked. That extends the battery life of the Create considerably :) I haven't timed it, but I imagine it would run continuously for about 30-45 minutes. Much longer if you're not moving around the whole time.

    As for real telepresence, I think it's definitely doable. IvanAnywhere is a example. While I don't have plans to make Fido especially tall, I do intend to add two way communication.

  6. IvanAnywhere! I couldn't remember what the name of that guy was... Thank you.

    Hmmm... 30 - 40 minutes is not much - is that a limitation of the iRobot? It would be interesting if there would be a way to mod the battery to to have enough juice for the whole day...

  7. Congrats man. You need to do an updated video so all the press (and your hordes of adoring fans) can get a look at the latest and greatest. :-)

    Oh yeah, and to make it appropriate for you, it needs a sniping weapon of some sort. Missile launchers are more *my* speed...

  8. I am thinking of trying to make one of these, but when I go to the PyRobot page on Google Code the only download is the uvcvideo.ko module. Where is the latest version of the PyRobot code?

  9. There are no prepackaged version of the code available currently. You'll need to check out the latest version from svn.

  10. I'm trying to use your instructable to get my G1G1 to be a baby monitor. No luck! :( I'd love some help and would be happy to add my process to the google code wiki.

  11. Hi Clark,

    The pyrobot project is probably a bit more than you need for a baby monitor. Really all you need is Motion. There should be enough to get you started on the wiki. If not, file an issue with some specifics about what's not working and I'll try to help.

  12. Totally awesome. do you have footage captured from this new golem of yours?