My New Nokia N95. Wow.

I just got my N95 and I've been playing with it for a little while. It's awesome. Here's some things I've been busy with:
  • The firmware it ships with is about 5 major revisions behind. Upgrade it ASAP.
  • I've found some great instructions on getting the N95 to work as a Bluetooth modem on OS X. He doesn't mention though that the APN listed on the connection settings page should be used for the GPRS CID string. (See update below.) I also recommend configuring the computer as an authorized device on the N95 so that you don't have to confirm the connection every time.
  • PyS60. Installed no sweat. Oh, the possibilities.
  • Google maps with GPS is great. The N95 comes with Nokia maps, but so far I prefer the Google app.
  • The Google mail app is great (except I can't seem to log out... wtf?)
  • ShoZu is very cool. It lets me geotag my photos and upload them to PicasaWeb and YouTube (plus a multitude of other services I don't care about). I'll have a map with all of my photos soon.
  • Sport Tracker is cool. It lets me log my location as I wander about Munich. Also, it should allow me to upload those tracks to Google Maps/Earth. Sweet.
I'm sure there will be more to add soon, probably in separate posts.

Update 2/3/08: The settings I used to set up the Bluetooth modem resulted in an exceptionally unstable connection. I've since changed my settings to match the official Nokia instructions and I've been getting much better results.


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