Relearning Java

The last time I wrote Java code was my freshman and sophomore year of college. Six years later, Java has had 2 "minor" revisions and the nutshell book has tripled in size. Java in a Nutshell is the kind of nut only an African swallow could carry. But, I'll try to keep an open mind.


  1. Dude! Generics! Auto-(un)boxing! "for-(each)" loops!


    The addition of StringBuilder (instead of StringBuffer)... -- I guess this is technically an API change, not a language change.

    "Minor" updates? :)

    I'd like to know why only one class allows operator overloading? (String)

    That auto-(un)boxing really makes code look a lot nicer. It's my favorite of all the changes.

    Good luck relearning Java!

    Why are you relearning Java?

  2. I think you (and I) will need to start from scratch, just that we would be tr=hrough faster but it would be more boring. All the best.