Scooba Stuck In Diagnostic Mode

This morning, I turned on my Scooba and it started beeping a scale of tones and blinking all its lights in sequence. After an hour or so of resetting, cleaning, disassembling, researching, and scratching my head, I stumbled across the solution on Roomba Review. But, for me at least, it was even easier than all of that. I don't have any of my own pictures for this procedure, but it's pretty straight forward.
  • Remove the battery and power.
  • Remove the two screws holding the bumper shell in place and remove it.
  • Carefully peel up the sticker with the control buttons on it. This sticker is actually the control panel. There is a data cable attached to it just below the "Clean" button. Be careful not to break it!
  • Clean the surface under the sticker with some isopropyl alcohol. (I didn't actually have to do this, but I'm sure it doesn't hurt.)
  • Gently replace the "sticker" (i.e. control panel) and make sure it's completely flat.
  • Check to see if it works again. If not, repeat.
  • Replace the bumper shell and screws.
It turns out that this "unfixable" (according to iRobot) problem is usually just some moisture under the contacts in the control panel.


  1. Awesome, worked for me!

    Although some minor differences, never used the scooba, so water/moisture wasn't the culprit here, did the 5 beeps and then 4 beeps all lights flashing. But it was the clean button being stuck on and entering into diag mode.

    I ended up putting little pieces of rubber underneath the power and clean buttons, so they would spring back into the off position. Appears that the manufacture was a little to liberal with the glue that held down the front panel. Some of it leaked over and caused the clean button to be in a constant open state.

    Those crappy button never seem to work right, somewhat disappointed with roomba for using such a flawed design. (almost as bad as the front wheel on roomba vac).

  2. IT WORKED. I use my scooba all the time and one month after the warranty expired the "Scooba Stuck In Diagnostic Mode" problem started. I followed the steps and my scooba is cleaning as I type. I am so glad it was really quick and easy too. The whole process only took about 20 min. Thank You damonkohler much appreciated.

  3. It Worked!!! Now I have the new one and the fixed one ;) By the way thank you very much!

  4. You rock!!!! I read about some longer, more complicated fixes for the diagnostic mode - all lights flashing in sequence problem, but didn't feel confident about slicing open the top or taking it apart, etc. I tried your fix and it worked the first time! I didn't feel any moisture under the sticker or on the power button or clean button sensors, but I wiped them off, then carefully replaced the sticker and put the bumper back on. It started up right away. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!


  5. Thank you guys!i read some more complicated instructions,more worries did i have