OneSwarm is what I've been waiting for!

OneSwarm is a friend-to-friend (F2F) file sharing network built on BitTorrent and SSL. This is an idea I've been tossing around for awhile and now, I'm happy to say, I don't have to write it myself. Here are the main selling points:
  • Open source. Hooray!
  • Cross platform. OneSwarm is written in Java and they have binaries for OS X, Windows, and Linux.
  • Friend-to-friend. I'm not interested in sharing with the world, just amongst my friends.
  • BitTorrent based transfers. That means swarming for common files shared among your friends. My previous F2F client WASTE doesn't offer that.
  • Point to point SSL encryption. I feel much better about SSL than the encryption scheme used by WASTE.
  • Google Talk integration. OneSwarm piggybacks key distribution over GTalk. That really makes life easy.
  • Web interface. It lends itself to remote administration.
I've only just started using it, so I'll post again with my experiences later.


  1. The future also looks good, here are the planned features for version 0.7:

  2. In my opinion, the only thing that this idea needs to be perfect is to use XMPP standards.

    XMPP would give to this idea much more extensibility, popularity and surely a lot of Jabber clients would be pleased to incorporate p2p neckwork functionality (via a plugin if not built-in).

    It would be really great if this was a Jabber/XMPP extension to the protocol. XMPP is getting popular, specially after Google Talk and Google Wave.