ASE 0.10 Alpha Released

This release of ASE has many enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Streamlined iterative script development with Save & Run in the script editor and Exit & Edit in the terminal.
  • Interpreter installation has been improved to provide better feedback (errors are now reported to the user) and better error detection.
  • It is now possible to get help for RPC methods via the help() RPC. Currently, this is best supported in Python which will nicely format the output.
  • Shell was added as an included scripting language.
  • Scripts can be embedded into and directly imported from QR codes. Use the Zxing QR Code Generator to start sharing your scripts directly from your blog. Create a plain-text code with the name of the script on the first line and the script on the following lines. You can embed scripts up to approximately 4kb in size.
  • Added geocoder API. See the example script.
  • Added phone state monitoring to detect incoming calls.
  • Added event API. Instead of always polling for the latest value, you can have create an event loop and use the receiveEvent() RPC to get the latest event from sensors, location, and phone state.
  • Added notification API. Notifications can be generated using the notify() RPC. See the example script.
  • Documentation updates on the project page will follow soon. The impatient can check out the source :)
Vist the ASE project page to download the latest APK.

  • I made three releases of version 0.10 alpha (0.10, 0.10-1, 0.10-2). The 0.10-1 version was just to increase the version number which I forgot to do before the original release. The 0.10-2 version fixes a couple nasty force close bugs.
  • Updated the Javadoc. Check out the @Rpc annotations in AndroidProxy for RPC documentation.


  1. Hi, is it possible to query settings like wifi state?

  2. It is possible but not yet implemented for all settings. You can see what is supported currently by looking at AndroidProxy. Feel free to submit a request for enhancement on the project's issues page.