ASE 0.9 Alpha Released

Interpreters installation is now handled entirely within ASE (no more downloading in the browser). Besides streamlining the interpreter installation process, this release is mostly about bug fixes:
  • Changing orientation in the terminal no longer restarts the running script.
  • Terminal preferences are now applied properly.
  • Added aTrackDog support to the manifest.
  • Saving scripts now works as expected without workarounds.
Visit the ASE project page to download the new APK.


  1. Hi Damon.

    Thank you for bringing us Python on Android in an easily installable package! I am very much looking forward to doing some rapid prototyping in my favorite language - Python :)

    I have one question about installing new modules into the Python installation. While it is fairly obvious how to install pure Python modules (simply copy them to the device along with your other code) I am not sure how one would go about installing modules written in C/C++? For instance I would like to install PIL on my Android device - how should I go about that?

    Best regards,

  2. First, you're welcome :)

    As for your question, C modules need to be cross compiled per the Python build directions that come with ASE and installed by the ASE interpreter installer. They reside in the data directory owned by ASE, so you'll need either root or ASE's user permissions to copy them there.

    Something I plan to experiment with is dynamic loading off the SD card. In which case, you'd be able to place cross compiled libs there as well without needing ASE's user permissions.