Make Eclipse Ignore .svn Directories

I've struggled with this for a while now. But, I think I've found all the appropriate settings now.

Project > Properties > Java Build Path
For each source folder, edit Excluded to include the pattern "**/.svn*"

Project > Properties > Java Compiler > Building > Enable project specific settings
Check the box.

Project > Properties > Java Compiler > Building > Output folder > Filtered resources
Add ".svn/" so that it reads "*.launch, .svn/"



  1. I tried this with myeclipse7.5 (eclipse 3.4) on a webservice project. Then added my project directory dir to a repository. Changed to /tmp and re-checked out my project, files came over but when I build, no class files are created in WebRoot/WEB-INF/classes/. Undoing your suggestion in my project properties doesn't work either, ie cleaning the project doesn't result in a re-build. So I'm screwed. No worries, I'll keep looking for a solution to this stupid .svn eclipse problem. Thanks.

  2. Naw, I take back my last post. something is kinda screwy with myeclipse7.5 when initially creating a workspace. I fussed around and got the whole thing per your instructions. Thanks.

  3. [..]Eclipse has the annoying little problem where Eclipse will copy .svn folders to the target/classes output folder and then complain about duplicate resources. After wading through some vague solutions, here’s a clear and simple post I found to solve this annoyance.[..]

  4. Is .svn checked in about Window->Preferences->Team->Ignored Resources?

  5. This cannot be completed as this error page isn't your usual page. Sam e with JavaScript - it doesn't perform.
    I tried adding the registry key
    that stops the certificate-error-page from exhibiting - didn't function. Probably since I'm on Windows 7 with IE9.
    After this guidance I tried utilizing browser mod proxy, but there is very little documentation out there and I couldn't work it out.