ASE 0.11 Alpha Released

This release of ASE adds support for Perl and JRuby in addition to the usual round of bug fixes.
  • Added process management API via getRunningPackages() and forceClosePackage().
  • Added support for installing part or all of interpreters to the SD card. BeanShell, JRuby, and part of Perl are installed to the SD card now.
  • Added BeanShell example script.
  • Added SQLite and GData to Python support.
  • Fixed Lua include path to allow importing user scripts.
  • Fixed Shell support to execute scripts.
  • Fixed sensor monitoring.
  • Fixed barcode scanning.
Vist the ASE project page to download the latest APK.

  • JRuby is very slow, especially on the initial run. It can take up to a minute for JRuby to start up for the first run and about ten seconds every time after that.
  • Python is a bit larger now with SQLite and GData support. I should be able to cut the size in half soon by installing many of the modules to the SD card.
  • Building Perl is still a little buggy and has many manual, undocumented steps. I'll be improving that soon.

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