ASE r14 Released

What's new?

  • JavaScript (via Rhino) support added by Brice Lambson.
  • Donut TTS support. Eclair is also now supported. Cupcake, however, is no longer supported.
  • Interpreter manager. Interpreters can now be installed, uninstalled, and started as interactive terminals in the new interpreter manager. Press the menu button and then tap "Interpreters."
  • ASE Server. You can now launch a background service to host the AndroidProxy. This means you can develop for ASE off the phone more easily by simply directing your scripts to connect to your phone over the network (no USB cable required).
  • New APIs and updated Javadoc. Be sure to scroll down to where you can see the @Rpc annotations for documentation.
Bug fixes:
  • Interpreter installation is more robust. Keep filing bugs!
  • BufferedReader warnings for BeanShell removed.
Visit the ASE project page to download the latest APK.


  1. Cool, congratulations!

    The server feature is great, but it keeps crashing on me. Shortly:

    - I start the server on the Dev Phone;

    - download on my notebook, and alter it so that the Android class (optionally) receives IP and port as init arguments

    - from the Python (2.6.2) command-line, import android, droid = android.Android(address, port) (w/ address and ip as notified by ASE)

    - I can droid.makeToast() at will (and it shows up on the phone), but when I do droid.getInput() I get a force close (from the server, apparently, although the notification is still there and won't go away no matter how much I tap).

    Are you aware of that? Need help debugging? Should I file an issue?

    Thanks again for ASE, it's fantastic! :)

  2. @rbp Yep. Definitely looks broken. Please file bug reports. The server may not ever be able to prompt for input. It only has the ability to do things that a script running as a service can do. If you want an interactive script, you'll need to pull up a console. Could probably extend the server to behave more that way... I'll think about it. Please file bugs/feature requests :)