ASE r17 Released

So, what's new?

  • Tcl added as a supported language.
  • User interface APIs added for displaying various dialogs.
  • API Browser updated to provide code generation. Long tap on a method to insert it into the script editor.
  • Editor now auto completes parenthesis, brackets, and quotes.
  • Terminal and editor have fullscreen mode and font size selection in preferences.
  • Alert manager APIs added for regularly triggering scripts.
  • Speech recognition API added.
  • Live folder support added. Long tap on a home screen to add a live folder of ASE scripts.
  • Python API now uses namedtuples instead of dicts (i.e. use droid.getInput().result instead of droid.getInput()['result']).
  • And lots of other improvements!
Under the covers:
  • All scripts now run as a service and can pop into the foreground as necessary. This is a huge step toward having ASE work as a common runtime for ASE powered applications.
  • A lot of facade refactoring that will make it easier to add new APIs in the future.
In the works:
Visit the ASE project page to download the latest APK.

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