ASE r21 Released

So, what's new?

  • More SMS support. It's now possible to send, read, and manipulate SMS messages.
  • Bluetooth support.
  • Camera support.
  • Code generation has a new prompt interface in addition to insert.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed APIs that return lists. 
  • Fixed toggling settings. 
  • Fixed Tcl sample scripts. 
  • Fixed Perl template code. 
  • Fixed canceling speech recognition dialog. 
  • Fixed memory leak.
Under the covers:
  • Progress toward decoupling large pieces of ASE (interpreters, facades, etc.)
In the works:
  • Distributing interpreters as APKs separately from ASE.
Visit the ASE project page to download the latest APK.


  1. Great! Any docs about how BT work?

  2. All APIs are always documented in the API browser built into ASE.

  3. Oh please, please Damon provide some printable docs for the API. My old eyes just can't deal with the little text on the Droid. And I do my writing on my Linux Mint box.

    Thanks! You're the best : )

  4. You can now browse the API documentation on the wiki.