ASE r22 Released

So, what's new?

  • Wake lock support added. It's now possible to have your scripts continue running when the phone tries to sleep.
  • Location APIs now return location data from all available providers (i.e. network, gps, etc.)
  • Wifi APIs added for scanning and retrieving access points.
  • Added API for getting a list of all applications that are launchable via the launch API.
  • Added support for launching scripts in the background from Locale.
  • Changed callNumber API to automatically URL encode numbers (i.e. now it should "just work" ™)
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed general bugginess of Bluetooth support.
    • No more deadlocks.
    • Bigger rows in device listing.
  • Fixed occasional activity hangs when network connections are poor.
  • Fixed missing id field in error results.
  • Fixed list results being returned as strings.
  • Fixed Locale plugin.
  • Fixed broken TTS support.
  • Fixed broken sendEmail API.
  • Fixed crash when importing incorrectly formatted scripts via QR code.
  • Fixed race condition that occasionally caused dialog APIs to fail.
Under the covers:
  • Significantly improved result serialization which now works for nested result types.
  • Replaced FutureIntent with the more flexible FutureResult.
In the works:
  • Improved Perl support.
  • Still working on distributing interpreters as APKs separately from ASE.
Visit the ASE project page to download the latest APK.


  1. Dear Damon,

    ASE is awesome. how can we test third party applications using ASE?


  2. @Roly That is on the roadmap but not yet supported.

  3. Thank you. Doing python in HTc incredible with ASE. Awesome!