ASE r25 Released

I skipped release notes for r24, so I'm rolling them into the release notes for r25. So, what's new?
  • It's now possible to specify the MIME type when calling startActivity or startActivityForResult.
  • Added APIs for:
    • Viewing local HTML files
    • Interactively taking pictures and video
    • Recording phone calls
    • Retrieving cell location and signal strength on GSM networks
    • Checking if TTS is currently speaking
    • Screen brightness control
    • Checking screen state (i.e. is it on or off)
    • A new SeekBar dialog
  • Added Try::Tiny to Perl modules.
  • There's now a trigger service that will allow launching scripts as particular events occur on the phone. Currently there's one such event which will launch a script when the ringer mode changes. Export more along these lines in the near future.
  • Interpreters are now chmoded to be world readable and executable. This is cool because now you can execute interpreters directly from adb shell.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed NPE when extras are not specified for startActivity and startActivityForResult.
  • Removed unused paramenter in notify().
  • Fixed broken tests in and
  • TTS now waits until its done speaking before shutdown.
Under the covers:
  • Improved network code for the JSON RPC server.
In the works:
  • Support for running multiple scripts simultaneously.
  • Fleshing out the triggers framework and adding more events.
Visit the ASE project page to download the latest APK.

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