Meet Helo and Miranda

We'd like to introduce our cats to the interwebs. While many of you may already know Helo from his previous appearances, Miranda, at just 3 months old, is a newcomer. She's a Persian kitten, and very photogenic, just like her big brother.

Don't mess with my kid!
Wait, where is my kid anyway?
Helo is from the block. Like his namesake, he's a big pussy. We rescued him in San Francisco, fixed him up, and made him almost respectable. He remains the master of the house, though he is frequently victimized due to his hesitance to hold the high ground.

I'm Commander Shepard and this is
my favorite store on the Citadel.
Miranda is a German princess, bred to be brushed, beautiful, and served. Like her namesake, she wears a skin tight cat suit and is both spunky and snuggly. She takes grooming seriously and is trying to groom our tramp Helo into something respectable and a little less wussy.

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