SL4A r0 Released

After far too long, SL4A r0 has been released. So, what's new?

  • Interpreters are now installed as separate APKs.
  • Scripts can now be bundled into Script APKs that do not depend on SL4A.
  • Added support for running multiple scripts simultaneously. You can view, stop, and connect a terminal to running scripts in the Script Monitor. The number of running scripts is indicated by the notification icon and in the notification itself.
  • Lots of performance improvements to start up time and memory consumption. For instance, interpreters are now run in a single process instead of being wrapped up in a shell process and facades are loaded lazily.
  • Security has been improved by requiring scripts to authenticate themselves with the RPC server. This happens automatically and prevents malware from connecting to a running SL4A RPC server and assume SL4A's permissions.
  • The Bluetooth API is now blocking, easier to use, and more robust.
  • It is now possible to deprecate APIs before changing them. In the future, APIs will be deprecated for some time before they are changed. Scripts using a deprecated API will generate a notification.
  • Closing a terminal now optionally kills the attached process. If you leave the process running, you can reattach the terminal to it later from the Script Monitor.
  • Added timestamp to sensor readings.
  • Added battery management APIs.
  • Added support for interpreter shortcuts.
  • Added support for search. You can now search for scripts within the script manager and from the quick search box (enable it under your device's Search settings).
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed Logcat Viewer force close.
  • Removed camera feature requirements which allows SL4A to be installed on more devices.
  • Interpreter installation prompts the user before overwriting any existing scripts.
  • The scripts Live Folder now only shows executable scripts.
Under the covers:
  • The RpcEvent annotation will be used to dynamically generate triggers from APIs that generate events.
In the works:
  • Replacing the SL4A terminal with ConnectBot's terminal.
Visit the SL4A project page to download the latest APK.

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