SL4A r1 Released

Note: If SL4A crashes on start up, be sure to uninstall any installed r0 interpreters and upgrade them to the new r1 releases.

Loads of new goodies this time. So, what's new?

  • Added WebView API which makes it possible to easily build scripts with a GUI.
  • Added HTML interpreter.
  • For scripts running in the foreground or displaying WebViews, context and option menu items can be added.
  • Added search support to the API browser.
  • Added undo and redo to the script editor via volume up and down buttons.
  • A new, significantly improved terminal experience.
  • Time and date picker dialog APIs.
  • Additional signal strength APIs.
  • Additional Wifi APIs including locking.
  • Additional telephony APIs. Removed phone call recording since this is not currently possible in Android.
  • It is now possible to specify that startActivity() should block until the user closes the started activity.
  • Bluetooth connections can now be established to a particular device address.
  • Attachments can be added to emails by URI.
  • Added API for logging messages to logcat. Quite useful when debugging scripts that run in a WebView.
  • Added postEvent() and waitForEvent() APIs.
  • Increased font and padding size in all list activities to be more finger friendly.
Bug fixes:
  • Pressing Home button in the editor now saves the script.
  • Fixed BeanShell code generation.
  • Calling methods with zero arguments now works in BeanShell.
  • Fixed battery APIs. They are now asynchronous like sensors.
Under the covers:
  • The interpreter APK template has an improved and simplified API.
  • FutureActivityTasks are now much more powerful and work almost like anonymous activities.
In the works:
  • Replacing context menus with quick action bubbles.
  • Support for launching scripts for result from other activities.
  • Support for JVM script languages to be run in process.
Visit the SL4A project page to download the latest APK.

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