Flying the Parrot AR.Drone with a Wiimote and Nunchuck

I received a Parrot AR.Drone for Christmas this year! However, I don't have an iPhone and that makes it harder to get started. So far, the best solution I've found is flying it with a Wiimote and Nunchuck.
  • Checkout the source for FitAR.Drone.
  • Download osgi.core.jar from the OSGi Alliance and copy it to the FitAR.Drone source directory.
  • Import the project into Eclipse.
  • Add all the JARs in the source directory to the project's build path.
Now, connect your computer to the ardrone_xxx ad hoc network and check that Bluetooth is enabled on your computer. Then, build and run from org.fitardrone.main and follow the directions printed to the console:
  • press 1 and 2 together on the Wiimote to initiate the connection,
  • wait for the console to indicate that the Nunchuck was found,
  • press 1 to take off,
  • and fly!
Oh, and:
  • press 2 to land,
  • home to kill the motors (i.e. emergency),
  • use the D-pad to turn and adjust altitude,
  • and use the analog stick to move.
There's no video or navigation data feeds, but flying is nice and smooth.

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