Bluetooth Keyboard Doesn't Work After Suspend

I have a Logitech diNovo Edge Bluetooth keyboard. I like it a lot for use with our HTPC. However, I found that when the HTPC is suspended, the keyboard would not reconnect on resume.

I found this solution on the Ubuntu Forums and it works for me.

Edit /etc/default/acpi-support to remove and reload the Bluetooth module on suspend and resume:
# This will save less power, but may work on more machines

# Add modules to this list to have them removed before suspend and reloaded
# on resume. An example would be MODULES="em8300 yenta_socket"
# Note that network cards and USB controllers will automatically be unloaded 
# unless they're listed in MODULES_WHITELIST

# Add modules to this list to leave them in the kernel over suspend/resume

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  1. I have seen many bluetooth keyboards that work with Android like Inateck BK1003E however I would like to check few Ubuntu compatible ones. They will work out to be fun when used with chatting on this Linux based OS.