FriendFeed sounds cooler than it is?

General disclaimer: I haven't looked into this intensively and I hope that someone will leave a comment explaining how to fix my frustrations with this service.

I first heard about FriendFeed from one of Brett's blog posts. I thought, "that sounds cool!" Later, Will invited me, and again I thought "cool!" Today I got an email saying that Will and Bill had commented on my feed. Cool! How did they do that?

Five minutes later, after I found my "Friend Feed" and added it to Google Reader, I had my answer. I was also immediately annoyed.
  • My "Friends Feed," which is the one I assume is supposed to make my life easier by aggregating everything my friends do into one feed, includes things I did as well instead of just things my friends did. I don't need to be reminded of everything I do on the web. I was there after all. FriendFeed really needs to let me filter out stuff I don't care about.
  • I really don't like micro-blogs. They're boring. Not all of my friends subscribe to this notion, however. Beacuse of this, while reading my "Friends Feed," I am constantly interrupted with boring micro-blog turds. FriendFeed needs to let me filter out services I don't care about.
  • I really don't like bookmark feeds. People bookmark all sorts of things, and the bookmark itself contains no content, which by my definition, makes them completely uninteresting to read about in my feed reader. FriendFeed really really needs to let me filter out services I don't care about.
Having friends comment on my shared items, blogs posts, photos, etc. is great. Otherwise, I remain unconvinced.


  1. Hey man,

    I wouldn't give up just yet. :) I have a few things to say:

    * The UI is crappy, but you *can* tell friendfeed to not bother with certain data sources. Click on the "options" link next to a twitter post (for example), and then you can say "Hide entries like this."

    * I find the website much more useful than the RSS feed of my friendfeed.

    * I don't know where I read this, but others have already asked about removing your own posts from the feed and they're working on it.

    * The overall friend feed is interesting for finding random new stuff, but I mostly watch your feed and those of a couple other close friends, in Google Reader. It lets me catch things that you do online that I wouldn't otherwise see, and I really do like the "comment" and "like" functionality.

    FriendFeed has just hired a great UI person away from Google, so hopefully they'll be sanding out these rough edges.

    (Why do I sound like such a fanboy?!)


  2. What Will said. =)

    The "hide entries like this" is really nice. I turned off all of my stuff and stuff like your blog where I already subscribe to the direct RSS feed. That way, as Will said, I pick up stuff that you do that might not end up on your blog or Google Reader shared items.

    And I hear you about the micro-blogging when you are not on the service. Following someone's Twitter when you can't reply makes it seem rather noisy. I know my Jaiku feed is really only useful if you are curious about what I am up to at the moment (which seems to be only my mother at this point =).

  3. I don't see the options link or anything that says "hide entries like this." And on top of that, clicking "edit/add" under settings to add services just takes me back to the friend feed. At this point, even if I liked FriendFeed and wanted to use it, it doesn't work. :(