ASE r15 and r16 Released

I skipped release notes for r15, so I'm rolling them into the release notes for r16. So, what's new?

  • Cupcake support is back by popular demand.
  • Built-in API browser. In the script editor, open the menu and tap "help" to see a list of all available ASE Android APIs.
  • python-twitter package added.
  • Anonymous usage tracking. Want to support ASE and increase development activity? Enable usage tracking!
  • New sendEmail API supports pre-filled form fields.
  • More and larger font sizes available for the terminal.
Under the covers:
  • Huge refactoring of the AndroidFacade and RPC classes. Without this, the built-in API browser would not exist. Thanks, Felix!
In the works:
  • Shorter time between releases.
  • Voice-to-text support.
  • Email attachments.
  • More APIs.
Visit the ASE project page to download the latest APK.

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