Review of Halo ODST

Halo ODST is pretty good, but not stellar. It was very easy to beat.

Damon says: I had fun playing the game (like I always do with the Halo franchise), but the story line was really weak. There's a few points where you get to hear some audio from a girl trying to navigate New Mombasa while it's under attack by the Covenant. The audio is hard to hear and really just not compelling.

You progress through the game partly through flash backs (of a sort, you play as your comrades) and partly through, what I'm going to call, "normal time." Some of the battles where good, but they were all pretty standard to Halo (even to the point of ending the game with a Warthog race). I was hoping for something different from a game where you're not playing the Master Chief.

The visor mode is interesting, but only useful because they make the game impossible to play without it. Everything is quite dark and the visor allows you to see, in addition to your hand in front of your face, the enemies around you.

I still have to try fire fight mode before I condemn the game to "fun enough" entirely. 
Xbox 360
Damon played: 15 hours
Laura played: 0 hours
Damon says: Pretty good. Not great.
Laura says: The game play makes me motion sick.
Replay Value
Damon says: Still need to try fire fight mode.
Laura says: May try it. Need Dramamine.
Favorite Part
Damon says: Nothing stood out, unfortunately.
Fun Factor
Damon says: The combat is the same run and gun you've come to love from the entire Halo franchise.
Damon says: Lame story.

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